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Close, Michael: Workers Number 5
©1996 Michael Close
Paper, comb bound, 170 pages
Workers Number Five

Comment: The Workers series are now available as an all-in-one package in e-book format from Michael Close as The Complete Workers Series, with new and improved text.


1 Introduction
3 Assumptions (Essay)
7 The Lie Detector: Cards
16 You Hue: A Wild Card routine using the spectator's name and a freely selected color marker.
21 A Trick for O'Brien: Prediction
25 Fortune Sugar: Another prediction effect
28 Venue (Essay)
30 Reverse Logic: A series of card reversals for the strolling magician
41 Too Ahead: multi-phase coin routine
55 Personality (Essay)
59 On Sleights (Tips)
70 Renaldo The Great: Chinese Prayer Vase routine
78 Pink Floyd: The backs of four jokers change from blue to red to blue again with instant reset.
85 The Tamariz Rabbits: Michael's version of Juan's commercial packet effect
88 Red Blue Mama Fooler: Red/Blue cards
93 Rocco Returns: Find the Lady (Ton Onosaka's Lucky Lady)
98 Ring Fright: a no-pull version of Ring Flight
101 Flourishes (Essay)
103 The Unreality Machine: Transposition between an origami snowball and a pack of matches.
112 Stupid Travelers: comedy cards
120 To Jay
122 On the Memorized Deck (Tips)
126 The Wishing Trick: a memorized deck effect
131 Two for Simon: Four Aces (memorized deck)
134 Myopia: another memorized deck effect
138 Memorized Standards
160 Jazzin: improv location
164 Magic and Meaning (Essay)
166 Goodbye