Clever, Eddie: Thought Wings Onward
Mental Magic for Magicians
©1945 (circa) Abbott Magic Co., Colon, MI
Softcover, tape-bound, 118 pages
Thought Wings
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Eddie Clever: Thougt Wings Onward



3 Dedication
4 Acknowledgement
5 Introduction
8 Foreword

9 Part One Concerning - The Philosophy of Mental Magic
9 Prologue
12 Chapter One Heritage of the Past
15 Chapter Two Something About Qualifying
19 Chapter Three something More About Qualifying
23 Chapter Four Something About Presentation
31 Chapter Five Weber Speaks - Something More About Presentation
36 Chapter Six Something Concering Programs
41 Chapter Seven Something About Patter
46 Chapter Eight Much Ado About Ethics

54 Part Two Concerning the Practice of Mental Magic
54 Preface - Part Two

54 Section One With Cards, One Man
54 Chapter One
54 The Mentalist's Kit
56 An Opening (Eddie Clever)
58 Impossible - Yet? (Wagner)
65 Location by Cut (Eddie Clever)
68 Not Logical - Yet? (Eddie Clever)
71 Coincidende - Or? (Eddie Clever)

76 Section Two With Cards, Two Persons
76 Point (Eddie Clever)
77 Simplicity Card Code (Eddie Clever)
78 Through the Ether (Eddie Clever)
81 The Medium Walks (Eddie Clever)

85 Chapter Two Concerning Devious Methods of Dark Deception
85 The Phantom Signer (Eddie Clever)
87 Hypnotism (Caryl Fleming)
88 Power of Suggestion (Stewart James)
90 Look - I See Dimply (Teral Garrett)
92 With a Telephone Directory (Dunninger)
96 A Tinted Conceit (Eddie Clever)
98 The Medium Calculates (Eddie Clever)
100 Chapter Three In Which We Consider the Mindreading Act
100 Theory
104 A Complete One-Man Routine (Eddie Clever)
113 Impromptu Mindreading (Mahendra)
117 Epilogue
118 Bibliography