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Chuan, Tan Hock: The Magic of Tan Hock Chuan
©1977 Lloyd E. Jones, Magic Limited, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 7x10", 43 pages
ISBN: 0-915925-21-0
Magic of Tan Hock
Image courtesy e-Bay seller KochMagic
Tan Hock Chuan: The Magic of Tan Hock Chuan

Comments: Cover and major illustrations by Phil Goldstein
Contents (partial only - missing 2nd page of contents)
6 A Useful Card Frame
6 One Handed Card Rise
7 Another Torn Corner Location
8 Your Card At Your Number
8 Surprising Location
9 Seven's A Most Magical Number
11 Mind Reading
11 Sympathetic Transposition
12 Prediction Duo
13 The Breakthru
13 Spell Your Card
14 Secret Sortilege
15 Controlled Choice
16 Eclipse Discovery
17 Dye Your Own Silks
17 Silks - A Quick Restoration
18 Hey Presto Presto - Reel-less Transformation
18 A Very Tight Knot
19 Magical Separation
19 Percolation Extraordinary
20 The Favorite Number Improved
20 The Dissolving Ball
21 Watered Wine
21 Line of Silks
22 Sands of Gobi
23 Miko Multum in Parvo
24 Chuan's Multiple Melting Knots
25 Tri-Cut Twine
26 The Singapore Twist
26 Chuan's Appearing Knot
27 The Box From Singapore
28 Invisible Santa
33 Amazia Wonder Rising Cards
33 Sawing Balloons In Half
34 Confetti Surprise