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Christopher, Milbourne: More Tips on Tricks
©1945 Prestidigitation Press, MD
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 20 pages
More Tips on Tricks
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Milbourne Christopher: More Tips on Tricks

Comments: "With a Chapter on Publicity...One Wizard's Comments on Current Conjuring". The second in three volumes on gags, ideas, and quick tricks. The others are Tips on Tricks and 100 Latest Tips and Tricks.


2 Foreword
3 Paper Money: quick trick
4 Rope to Cigarette: quick trick
4 Simply Shocking: gag with cigarette
5 Suggestion: idea
5 A Little Fishy: trick idea
5 The Rabbit Hat: gag
6 Serpent Silks: gag
6 Trick of a Different Color: twist on a trick
6 Surprise Conclusion: headline idea
6 Opening Trick: idea for Fetch's Rope Epic
8 Mental Test: Out of this World variation
8 Pig Looking Round: tip for Waller-Grant "Pig that Looks Round"
8 Light Please: gag idea
8 Committee: torn and restored twist
9 Cigarette To Wand: quick trick
9 Good Business Shuffle: flourish
9 Turning Pig Finish: another pig tip
9 Silk In the Box: idea for P&L card box
9 Pocket Switch: deck switch
10 Something Extra: idea for torn & restored napkin
10 Chinese Stick Variations: talk about the Chinese Sticks
11 Chinese Stickler: another tip
11 Super Production Box: gag
11 Patter Bit: flourish gag
11 Memory Aid: tip
12 Canteen Conjuring: idea
12 Lesson in Levitation: the floating wand
13 Deceptiana: tips - in cartoon!
14 The Egg Silk: trick idea
15 Lit Cigarette: self-lighting
15 Undercover: ideas for match covers
16 Herrmann Item: gag
16 Color Blend: non-mechanical Blendo
17 Sausage In the News: quick trick
18 Tips on Publicity
18 - Columns
18 - Items
18 - Photos
19 - Special Photographs
19 - Woman's Page
19 - Table Cards
19 - Giveaways
19 - Mailing Lists
20 - Interviews
20 - Radio
20 - Lobby Displays
20 - The Show