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Christopher, Milbourne: Mediums, Mystics and the Occult
©1975 Milbourne Christopher
Published by Thomas Y. Crowell Company, NY
Hardcover, 267 pages
ISBN: 0-690-00476-1
Mediums Mystics
              & The Occult
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Milbourne Christopher: Mediums, Mystics and the Occult


Contents (Chapters):

1 A New Age of Miracles
15 Uri Geller—Mind Over Metal
52 Psychic Surgery
66 Peter Hurkos—Psychic Sleuth
77 Eyeless Vision
104 ESP in Outer Space
111 Ted Serios — Thought Photographer
122 Arthur Ford — Messages from the Dead
146 Mystics from the East
159 The Indescribable Phenomenon
180 The Scientific American Investigations
192 Margery — The Boston Medium
228 The $100,000 Prediction
244 Search for a Soul
259 Bibliography
265 Index