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Christian (Stelzel): The Magic of Christian
©1970 Christian Stelzel, Vienna, Austria
the Magic of
Image courtesy e-Bay seller AtlantisMagic

Comments: 14 Illustrations by Christie Roth and Christian Stelzel. Christian's first lecture tour.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Introduction
2 Theoretical Thoughts About Magic
3 Theoretical Exercises
4 Effect for Close-Up Magic
4.1 Dradium The Rolling Steel Ball
4.2 The Smallest Die Box in The World
4.3 Visible Magic With an Elastic
4.4 A Quiz With a Cigarette
5 Effects With Playing Cards
5.1 Some Practical Advice About Cards and Zincsterinicum
5.2 A Card Takes a Walk
5.3 Modern Card Control
5.4 The Improved Card Pistol
5.5 The Vanish of a Deck of Cards
5.6 An Unusual But Visual Color-change