Chanin, Jack: J.C. Coin Routines - Handle with Gloves
©1941 Jack Chanin, London
Paper, stapled, 31 pages
Handle With Gloves
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Comments: illustrated.
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Contents (page numbers from e-Book version):

2 May I Have a Word With You Please? (Jack Chanin): intro
3 J.C Streamlined Palming Coins: about Jack's palming coins
3 Working with Gloves: about wearing gloves
3 Tips: about the effects
4 Sleeving: from heel of palm
4 J.C Palm: for stack of coins
5 Requirements: what you'll need
5 Between the Fingers: production
6 Gone with the Flame: vanish
7 6 from 11?: vanish
9 J.C Favorite: production
10 Knuckles: one at a time vanish
12 J.C Master Production and Vanish: with a silk
13 An Old Trick Dressed Up: coin fold
14 Just a Production
15 Short and Sweet: pencil vanish
15 Coin Migration: with silk and plate
17 J.C. Gold and Silver: as above
17 Suggestions: final tips