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Chambers, Lloyd W.: Original Ideas in Magic
©1941 Chambers Magic Co., Topeka, KS
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 33 pages
Original Ideas in
Image courtesy e-Bay seller 1CrazyRed
Lloyd W. Chambers: Original Ideas in Magic

Comments (1CrazyRed): Mr. Chambers was the succesor to Floyd Thayer and did much of the wood turning of his famous lathe. Includes a price list at the end for purchasing the effects.


ii Preface (Lloyd W. Chambers)

1 L-W-C Telepathy
2 Fisherman's Mat
3 How Time Flies
4 Mave's Telepathy
5 A Match For You
6 The Flying Ball
7 Acrobatic Ash Tray
8 Confetti-Candy Cylinder
9 Shooting Through a Woman
10 New Coin Vanish
11 Incomprehensible Predictability
12 Ghost Tube
13 Impossible Spirit Test
14 Molecular Cards
15 Coingo
16 New Wine and Water
17 Cardart
18 Hydrostatic Tumbler
19 Floto
20 Ethereal Cards
21 Spirit Ball
22 Confetti to Candy
23 Match Stretcher
24 Vanishing Hindu Sticks
25 A Magical Surprise
26 Transribbo