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Cervon, Bruce: The Black & White Trick and Other Assorted Mysteries
©1989 Bruce Cervon & Louis Falanga, CA
Hardcover w/DJ, 151 pages
The Black & White Trick
Image courtesy eBay seller LeoCuellar
Bruce Cervon: The Black & White Trick

Comments: Came with a set of black and white cards


i Foreword (Louis Falanga)
iii Introduction (Bruce Cervon)

1 Chapter One - The Black & White Basic Routine
19 A Handling Touch
22 Black & White Presentational Tips

23 Chapter Two - Black & White Trick Openings
25 Another Simple Show
27 Multiple Lift Opening
31 Turnover Pass Opening
35 Wedge Break Oil & Water Opening
37 Biddle Move Opening
39 Another Biddle Move Opening
41 Elmsley Count Opening

45 Chapter Three
45 The Novrec Turnover
55 Amazing Jokers
65 The Transposing Ace

71 Chapter Four
71 Bruce Cervon's Favorite Black & White Routine
83 "In the Spectator's Hands" Sequence
87 Convincing Closing
91 More on "The Proof" Phase