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Caruba, Bill: The Magic of Folding Money
©1979 Tannen Magic Inc.
Illustrations by Joe Wierzbicki
59 pp, softcover
Magic of Folding Money
Image from Magicref

Comments: Really more an origami book than a magic text. Various methods of folding a one-dollar bill into shapes that resemble what the various titles suggest. Could be used as close-up props and/or production items.


1 Introduction: Paper Folding
1 Shrunken Dollar
4 Ace of Diamonds
8 "Dice"
13 Crap Table
19 Legs for Crap Table
22 Dollar Bill Ring
28 Spade -- As in "Ace of"
32 Dollar Bill Guns
38 Rocket Ship For Dennis
42 What The Heck Is "Gum Money"?
48 Texas Longhorn
52 Christmas Tree
55 Money Bunny