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Carrington, Hereward: Hindu Magic Self Taught
©1913 A.M. Wilson, M.D, Kansas City, MO
©1928 Haldeman-Julius Publications
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 64 pages
Hindu Magic Self
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Celiene
Hindu Magic

Comments: I'm not exactly sure if these are both the same book, but I believe that "Hindu Magic Self Taught" is a later edition of "Hindu Magic", reprinted for the Little Blue Book Series (Little Blue Book 1277).


5 Hindu Magic
5 The Mango Tree Trick
19 The Basket Trick
26 The Dry Sands Trick
27 The Coloured Sands Trick
29 The Diving Duck
30 The Jumping Egg
32 The Beans and Scorpion Trick
33 The Basket and Birds Trick
34 The Ball of Cotton Trick
37 The Brass Bowl Trick
38 Snake Charming
41 Voluntary Interment
44 The Rope Trick