Busby, Jeff (Ed): Larry Jennings On Card and Coin Handling
by Nina Jennings, Jeff Busby, Jules Lenier, Charlie Miller
1977 Jeff Busby Magic Inc., 2nd edition.
Softcover, Comb bound, 67 pages
Larry Jennings
              On Card and Coin Handling

Comments: Cards are mostly medium to advanced skill. Chop Cup routine is good.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Section One: Larry Jennings on Coins
1 Twenty Two Cent Trick: 2 dimes, 2 pennies are displayed. Dimes are placed in spectator's hand. They switch places with the pennies.
7 L.J. Coins through the Table: four coins pass through the table into a glass.
9 Vernon Ball Routine done with Coins: coins pass from hand to hand.
13 L.J. Four Coins Across: Four coins pass from hand to hand.
14 Coin Cut: A card is selected in the deck. A coin is passed up through the table and is found in the deck of cards, above the selection.

21 Section Two: Larry Jennings on Cards
21 Challenge Cards to Pocket: two cards, spectator can choose pocket.
26 Tally Ho Spell: spelling location routine
27 Blank & Blue: 5 blank faced, blue backed cards are shown. A joker appears in the packet, turns face down and face up. Packet is given to the spectator, where a red card is found: the joker!
30 Numerical Aces: 4 ace effect
31 Look-An Illusion: 4 jokers, 1 ace of spades are shown, then 4 aces of spades, one joker, then four kings.
37 Number Transposition: Cards selected by two spectators seem to switch places in the deck.
38 Nowhere and Everywhere Again: Two cards selected by spectators end up matching, then two more match.
39 A Handling of Between Your Palms: L.J.'s handling of Alex Elmsley's routine from Abracadabra #335, June 28th 1952. A signed card ends up between your palms.
41 Where's The Discrepancy? A reversed card effect.
42 Transmutation: Entire deck of cards changes color except for three cards.
47 Larry's Leader: A follow the leader plot
48 Impossible Countdown: A counting location.
50 Recount: A variation on the above
51 Add-On Move Aces: Slow Motion Aces Plot

57 Section 3: Larry Jennings on the Chop Cup
57 A through explanation of L.J.'s famous routine. Uses two loads, handkerchief, and a shot glass, in addition to the standard chop cup set.