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Burlingame, Hardin J: Herrmann The Magician
©1897 Laird & Lee, Chicago
Hardcover, 298 pages
Available as an eBook from Marko's LearnedPigProject
Herrmann The
              Magician 1897
1897 Laird & Lee
Image courtesy e-Bay seller jest_jc
Herrmann The Great
1897 (?) Albert Whitman & Co.
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Herrman The
Magico Edition 2007

Comments: Originally published in 1897, it is my understanding that the Laird & Lee edition is the original. There was also an Albert Whitman & Co. edition apparently also of 1897 entitled, "Herrmann The Great, World's Greatest Magician". In 1942, Wilcox & Follet Co. re-named it to "Magician's Handbook, Tricks and Secrets of the World's Greatest Magician." Recently (2007) Magico has a reprint that includes an article "A Bibliographic Study" by Byron Walker, detailing the many editions of this book. I also found it unusual that during my research some places mis-print the name as Herrman (as on the Magico book cover above).


5 Preface
7 Introduction: Psychology of the Art of Conjuring
42 The Conjuring Husband: a poem
46 The Magician's Art: a poem

47 Chapter I: Herrmann the Magician: His Birthplace; His Family; His Early Years; The Career of his famous brother, Carl Herrmann

7 Chapter II: The Life and career of Alexander Herrmann: San Francisco Newspaper Article, Chicago Newspaper Article, Herrmann's Broadway House (with some description of acts)

118 Chapter III Herrmann's Secrets: all briefly described
119 Herrmann's Best Handkerchief Trick: destroyed and repaired magically
123 Handkerchief Produced From Bare Hands and then Caused to Vanish
126 The Vanishing Handkerchief: vanisher described
129 The Color-Changing Handkerchief: apparatus described
131 Another Method of Making Silk Handkerchiefs Change Color: dye tube description
133 Changing a Handkerchief Into a Billiard Ball: special ball
135 Making a Solid Billiard Ball Vanish Through a Glass of Water: with clever gimmick
138 The Multiplying Billiard Ball: very briefly described
139 The Chameleon Billiard Ball: color changing
141 Samuels' Improved Chameleon Billiard Ball
142 Rising Cards: multiple cards rise from deck in glass
146 The Bouquet and the Rising Cards: card rises from bouquet
149 The Magic Card Bottle: selection appears at top of wine bottle
150 Card Printed on a Handkerchief by a Pistol Shot
151 Any Card Thought of Disappears to Reappear Elsewhere: uses palm
152 The Bottle and the Flag: multiple flags produced from a bottle full of liquid
154 Herrmann's Ring and Bottle Trick: borrowed rings end up in broken bottle
157 The Famous Rabbit Trick: the rabbit out of the hat! With some interesting anecdotes
161 The Multiplying Coins: coin tray
163 Herrmann's Flower Production
166 Flower Production on an Empty Plate
167 The Great Shooting Trick: bullets fired are caught on a plate
176 Herrmann's Rice, Cone and Orange Trick: famous apparatus
181 Herrmann's Kling Klang Trick: egg in glass transposes with handkerchief in hand
184 Herrmann's Fish Bowl Production
189 Cazeneuve's Card in an Orange
189 The Flying Cage: vanishes when thrown
194 Chronological Catastrophe and Candle of Mephisto: in which a borrowed watch is accidentally destroyed and restored
197 Mind Reading by Impression
200 Mind ReadingóCards and Questions
202 Spirit Calculator: mathematical
204 Heavy Weight from a Hat: several weights pulled from a hat
207 How to Lift a Bowl Full of Water with a Hand in the Bowl
208 The Magi's Wand: floats
210 The Floating Hat, Wand and Table: all picked up by the palm of the hand
215 The Artist's Dream: stage illusion briefly described
218 The Vanishing Lady: stage illusion, lady vanishes from seat
221 The Spiritualistic Sack: sack escape
224 Decapitation, by Vaneck: illusion
227 Decapitation, by Herrmann: another version
230 The Indian Mail: trunk vanish
234 Modern Black Art: a black art act detailed
243 The Escape from Sing Sing: prisoners transpose between cages
245 The Enchanted Organ; or the Unexpected Supper: pipe organ turns into supper
249 The Mystery of "She": a mysterious appearing and vanishing woman stage illusion
250 Modern Metempsychosis: figures seem to slowly materialize like ghosts
256 The Great Flight of Objects: borrowed object vanishes to be found in place predicted by spectators
261 The Cocoon: silkworm changes to a lady dressed as a butterfly
264 Silent Thought Transmission: blindfolded mind reading experiment; lengthy description of mnemonics used
292 A Comedy of Errors: a full stage act with umbrellas, handkerchiefs, and more