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Burger, Eugene: Strange Ceremonies
©1991 Eugene Burger and Richard Kaufman,
Hardcover, 105 pages
Strange Ceremonies
Image courtesy e-Bay seller LeoCuellar

Comments: Illustrated by Richard Kaufman


9 Foreword
13 Introduction

19 Chapter 1 Bizarre Magick
19 Sawing Women
23 In Place of History
29 Images of Magick
37 Blood and Fear
39 Bizarre Interests
45 Miracles or Magic?

51 Chapter 2 The Bizarre Magick of Jay Inglee
51 Crystal Clear
59 Tarot and Pendulum
65 Strange Wish
69 Friends
75 Book of Ghosts

85 Chapter 3 Night Thoughts
85 Masters of the Bizarre: Tony Andruzzi; Imam; Hiawatha; Penn and Teller; Max Maven; Jeff McBride
95 What is Bizarre Magick?
99 Notes on the Metaphysics of Magic
103 New Year's Thread