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Burger, Eugene: Solomon's Mind - The card Mysteries of David Solomon
©1997 Pro Print
Photographs by Madeleine
Hardback; 233 Pages
Solomon's Mind
Image courtesy e-Bay seller The*Good*Way*Magic

Comments (Andrew Loh): If you love card magic, you will like to read this book. This book contains some interesting and many excellent practical card materials. Also you will have the chance of knowing more about David Solomon, his involvement in magic and also many interesting photographs of his friends. I highly recommend it!


5 Dedication
6 Acknowledgments
9 Foreword
13 Introduction

19 Part One: Magic for Laypersons
19 Steinmeyer's Nine Card Problem with Seven Cards
23 Four the Hard Way
27 Cutting Ten
30 No Palm Cards Across
34 Three Indicators
38 A 2 3 4 Through Kings
42 Diamond Cut Diamond
48 Dunbury Delusion Revisited
53 Four For Four Squared
58 Cannibals
65 Jacks in the Box
69 Miscall Collectors
73 Poker Pair

79 Part Two: Magic for the Planned Close-Up Shows
79 Cigarette or Pencil Through Signed Card
87 Business Card Prediction
93 Million Dollar Oil and Water
98 A Small Color Collision
101 Technicolor Oil and Water
107 Unhappy Student (A 2 3 4 Exchange)
116 Double Surprise Rising Card
121 Full-Face Universal Card
128 Odd Back Aces to the Fourth Power
132 Open Travelers

137 Part Three: Magic for Sessions
137 S/D Location
141 Hotel Motel Holiday Inn
145 Right Handed Triumph
148 Immediate Ace Assembly and Climax
152 Sandwich Trilogy
156 A Simple Toss
159 Devilish Deuces Wild Sandwich
163 The Hotel Put On
167 Double-Cross Departure
170 The Trick that Fooled Solomon
178 Succession Aces
185 The More You Know the Harder You Fall

190 Part Four: Prepared Magic For Sessions
190 Reverse Assembly with A 2 3 4
196 Post-It Prediction
198 One Gaff Makes the Observation Test
203 Breaking Up Ad-Jacent
207 Stripped Cheek to Cheek
210 Second Power Poker and Lead In
214 Card to Case

218 A Final Conversation
231 Sleight Index
232 About David Solomon