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Buck, Dan and Dave: Sleightly Magical
©2006 Dan and Dave Buck
Paper, 34 pages
Also available as an e-Book (PDF) from
Dan and Dave Productions
Sleightly Magical

Comments (Alex Rossi): A Journal on Card Magic; Demo videos available on the D&D Website.


5 Spin Doctor Double – A nice, semi flourishy double lift from the center. (Alteration of Steve Freeman’s handling of Jennings “Center Double”.)
5 TiVo 2.0 – An improved version of the TiVo Transpo from NR3.
13 Hedberg’s Peak - A quick transposition, with a sucker punch ending.
13 V Switch – Super quick switch of two cards, switches as one card is moved to the bottom.
15 Carnahan Fan – A lightning quick one handed fan.
17 Ginastaire Double – A wicked flourishy double lift, it spins on top of your thumb!
19 Discrepancy Dribble Control – Quick control utilizing a dribble that has a minor discrepancy.
21 Osh Negash B’Gosh – A visual transposition of two cards that are between two queens.
22 Db Spin Change – VISUAL color change, card is out-jogged in the spread, it is spun and it changes.
26 Erdnase Go Round – An aerial variation of Revolution Erdnase from Five: the notes, the bottom packet is flipped out from the bottom and somersaults in midair.
27 Greek Time Machine – A quick effect using the db Spin Change, the Buck’s face-up version of Steve Freeman’s Back in Time.
27 A Game with a Ghost – A variation of previous effect, akin to John Carney’s Side pocket Transpo.
28 Summer of 69 – Four sixes are shown and the “twisted” into four nines!
28 Dracula Count – Flourish variation of the Gemini Count.