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Buck, Dan and Dave: Five: the notes
©2004 Dan and Dave Buck
e-book, 25 pages
Note: Available as PDF download at Dan & Dave Productions

Comments (Alex Rossi): Dan and Dave's 2004 Lecture Notes. From the Dan and Dave website: "Five is Dan and Dave's fifth manual on card magic, flourishes, and manipulation. It’s also one of the coolest looking booklets you'll ever read on the subject. Presented like a comic book, your experience reading and learning 7 great new effects will certainly be entertaining. These notes are all about the MAGIC happening in your spectators hands, such as one of the coolest remixes of the classic Hofzinser Ace Trick that will leave your spectators swearing you have some sort of supernatural powers, seriously. Also included is a simple ace production, an elegant one-handed cut, and a flourish where you actually haki-sack a packet of cards off your foot!"


5 Subway – A slick variation of Earl Nelson’s Submarine Sandwich, turning it not only into a sandwich effect but also a neat transpo effect
8 Rotated – A slight variation of the classic two card transposition, except done entirely on the spectator’s hands
9 Revolution Erdnase – A stylish one handed cut akin to the Erdnase one-handed shift
12 Vertigo – A SICK cut where one packet actually bounces off you foot like a haki-sack
14 Meld – The three of spades is held in the spectator’s hands, the spectator hold the card on the middle pip. Then the magi “pops” off the other 2 pips and “melds” them back on the card, the card in the spectator’s hand is turned over and it is found to be a big spade, the ace of spades!
10 Escargo Display – an elegant production of four aces
16 Hoffzy Osbourne – A remix of the classic Hofzinser Ace Problem

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