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Buck, Dan and Dave: Nursery Rhymes Volume 3
©2003 Dan and Dave Buck
eBook, 33 pages
Note: Available from D&D Productions
Nursery Rhymes
              Volume 3
Image courtesy e-Bay seller ajs121067

Comments (Alex Rossi): 2003 Lecture Notes


5 TiVo Transpo: An in-the-hands two card transposition using no duplicates.
8 Watch: A Crazy visual four ace production, looks like real magic.
11 D.M.B Spread Control: A variation of the Convincing Control.
14 Shuffled Aces: Four ace production based on a Carmen D’Amico idea (Originally published in Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands)
16 Transpositionings: A selection is peeked, then after a series of cuts it lands face-up in the middle of the deck. Then it becomes immediately sandwiched between the two black aces, the selection is taken out and the black aces are given to the spectator to hold. Then in a flash the black aces are on top of the deck with the selection in between, again. And the cards the spectator holds are the red aces!
20 Bottom Deal Daley: A variation of Doc Daley’s Last Trick, using a bottom deal.
21 Card to Mouth: A variation of the classic card to mouth using Simon Lovell’s FLOOP, also teaches: Extended FLOOP.
24 Cards Across: A slight variation of Aaron Fisher’s Hello Goodbye, using FLOOP.
26 Thriceinator: A three packet false, table cut
29 Lay Down and Spread’em: One ace is produced and a split second the other three follow.
30 Deck Flip: An explanation of T.G Murphy’s Deck Flip and some of its uses: Double/Triple lift, one card production, and an ace production.