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Buck, Dan and Dave: Nursery Rhymes Volume 2
©2002 Dan and Dave Buck
eBook, 35 pages
Note: Available from D&D Productions
Nursery Rhymes
              Volume 2
Image courtesy e-Bay seller ajs121067

Comments (Alex Rossi): 2002 Lecture Notes


4 Molecule 2 Four Card Production: A second method used to produce the 4 aces using the Molecule 2 flourish, also retains the entire stock.
8 The Forte Flourish: The cards are spread and lifted in an upright/vertical position and then cascade down back to table in a horizontal position. Also used as a visual card production!
11 Split Change Transpo: Any card is named by the spectator (8C) is removed and visually “split” into two cards (4C, 4S). These are placed down on the table, then the magi removes the mate of the previous card (8S) and visually splits those into the same two cards that are on the table! The cards on the table are found to be the 2 previous cards! (8S, 8C)
15 Dribble This!: A fast-paced, stylish control of a selection. Can be used as a top or bottom control or used for a no palm card to card case.
22 Kryptonite: A Flourishy, one-handed false cut. (Originally published in Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands, though written incorrectly.)
25 Pandemonium at the Card Table: a tabled four ace production, a variation of one in Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands.
27 Ace Ventura: A One-handed cut that is used to bring a selection in between two cards. Used in an effect that uses one selection to find the four aces.
32 West Coast Chaos: Another one-handed flourish, can also be used as a one-card production (Originally used in a multi-packet cut from Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in the Hands)