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Buck, Dan and Dave: Nursery Rhymes Volume 1
©2001 Dan and Dave Buck
e-book; 23 pages
Available from Dan and Dave Productions
Nursery Rhymes Volume 1
Image courtesy e-Bay seller ajs121067

Comments (Alex Rossi): Dan and Dave's 2001 Lecture Notes


4 Blackjack Production: The magi produces the four aces, and then makes the four jacks appear underneath them! Two handlings.
8 Collectors: Three cards are selected and lost back in the pack. Then two aces are produced, then they become four aces with 2 cards in between them. Then with a wave the last selection appears! Also includes a Double Sandwich variation.
13 Ferrari 360 Spider: A flourishy, in-the-hands cut that keeps the top stock.
16 Second Deal Production: A demonstration of a Second Deal leads to a four ace production! (Based on “Two-card Production” from Artifice Ruse and Subterfuge in The Hands.)
18 Molecule 2: A flourishy, false cut  with an aerial ending. Includes a four card production.