Brown, Floyd D.: 25 Methods for Switching Decks
©1943 Floyd Brown, Pub. by U.F. Grant in 1947
Reprinted by O'Neal Magic
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 8.5x11", 10 pages
25 Methods for
              Switching Decks
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25 Methods for
              Switching Decks
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Comments: The contents below are based on the O'Neal Magic revised and edited version. According to Genii's MagicPedia, it was originally published in 1943 as a mimeographed manuscript, and later reprinted by U.F. Grant as No. 2 in a Series of Vest Pocket Books on Magic.

Contents (Numbers are not page numbers):

1 The Plant Switch
2 The Hat Switch
3 The Egg Bag Switch
4 The Black Out Switch
5 The Thurston Switch
6 A Handkerchief Switch
7 The Half Deck Switch
8 The Chinese Switch
9 Brooks' Card Trick
10 Another Handkerchief Switch
11 The Side Coat Pocket Switch
12 The Paper Switch
13 The Hip Pocket Switch
14 Another Box Switch
15 Black Art Switch
16 The Card Servante
17 One More Trick Switch
18 Change Bag Switch
19 Rising Card Box Switch
20 Combination Coat and Vest Switch
21 An Easy Box Switch
22 The Vest Pocket Switch
23 Another Vest Pocket Switch
24 The Writing Tablet Switch
25 Card Tray Switch