Brent, Lu: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Three
©1980 Micky Hades Publications, Canada
Softcover, tape-bound, 8.5x11", 52 pages
Lu Brent's Best
              Magic Tricks Volume 3
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Lu Brent: Lu Brent's Best Magic Tricks Volume Three

Comments: The final book in the "Best Magic Tricks" series.

Contents (partial - I only had access to the 2nd page of contents):

1-35 Missing Contents

36 Milk, Water and Fish
36 Match-Head Divino
36 Torn and Restored Matches
37 Ball and Vase Monte
37 Chinese Sticks
38 Rope and Sticks
38 A Box of Rope
38 Roping the Ring
39 Torn and Restored Newspaper
41 Poke a Kola
41 Pick It Out
41 Sock the Garter
42 Gloved Thumb Tie
42 Ring-On Stickler
44 The Bolting Nuts
45 Nuts to You
45 Cut and Restored Balloon
46 The Pearls of Pauline
47 Watch My Line
47 Watches to Clock
48 What Time Is It
48 Mindreading In Reverse
48 Magical Observations
49 Time to Go
49 And So, To Sleep
50 Theater and Concert Hall Flyer
52 Look - Lu Brent Flyer