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Breedon, James & Walt Lees (editor): Rub the Lamp
©1986 Repro Magic
Softcover, tape-bound, 125 pages
Rub the Lamp
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DonBursell
James Breedon: Rub the Lamp

Comments: Part I provides information and tips for the Chidren's Entertainer. Part II provides full effects.


11 Preface (Will Ayling)
13 Foreword (Jim Breedon)
15 Introduction (Walt Lees)

17 Part I
17 Why?
19 Choosing Material
21 Being No Trouble
23 Keeping Order
27 The Birthday Child

41 Part II Rub the Lamp
41 The Birthday Ring
47 Butter Fingers
53 The Card Sword
59 My Coins Across
65 Silver Secret
71 Old China
79 Potty
83 The Royal Escape
88 Crackshot
95 The Sword in the Stone
101 The Vanishing Chinaman
105 Pennies from Heaven
111 Nelson's Telescope
117 Wand from Purse
121 The Flying Carpet
125 Appendix