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Brahams, Anthony & Mike Porstmann: Karl Norman 40 Years at the Forks
©1995 Anthony Brahams
Hardcover, 80 pages

Karll Norman 40
              Years at the Forks
Image courtesy e-Bay seller trr3d

Comments: Foreword by Doc Eason. This was a republishing of Karl's "Here's How" with additional material. Also available was a companion VHS performance tape.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Card Routine for the Bar: card to pocket, under glass
2 Pick One Out in Your Mind: card on forehead
3 Pass Finesse: classic pass
4 Spring Fever: cards are sprung, end at selection
5 Photo Parade
6 Card on the Ceiling: with rubber band around deck
7 Key Card Routines: magician cuts number of cards named by spectator and finds three selections
8 Follow-Up Routine: spectator shuffles card into the deck and it ends up on top
9 The Coin Collection: CSB and Okito Box
10 Coin in the Bottle: using a folding half
11 Coins and Silk and Ring and Wand!
12 Bill in the Cigarette: with device to tightly roll the bill
13 Impromptu Torn & Restored Cigarette: From Linking Ring
14 Colour Changing Knives: using four knives (B, W, B/W, B/R)
15 Linking Pins: safety pins
16 Matchboxes Routine: using commercial props
17 Multiplying Rabbits: sponge rabbit routine
18 Ring Flight: reel version
19 Ring and Rope Routine: cut and restored
20 Sucker Egg: egg turns to real egg
21 Polish Rocket: burning napkin gag
22 Carnival Loop: the endless chain or Loopy Loop
23 Three Shell Game: uses brass cups, could be used with standard shells