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Bohleno, Henry: Bohleno's Five Original Performance Proven Mysteries
©1946 WMW Roger Montandon, OK
©1947 George Armstrong, London
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 14 pages
Bohleno's Five
              Original Mysteries
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Bohleno's 5 Original
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Comments: "The original routines win which Professional Magician Henry Bohlen won the Ring One Trophy and Conjurors' Magazine Award at the IBM Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, June 1946." The George Armstrong edition has all new illustrations by Lamonte, and is 26 pages long.


3 Foreword (Logan Wait)
4 Triple Ring-Silk Penetration: three wooden hoops penetrate on an off an 18" silk
7 Impossible Floating Handkerchief: using a reel
10 Devil's Own Knife-Cut Ribbon: cut and restored
11 Multi-Cut Paper Strip: paper strip is folded and cut, yet restored
12 Master Silk Through Ropes: handkerchief penetrates rope as ends are held by spectators
14 Advertisement: for book "Not Primigenial" a MWM Publication