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Blaisdell, Frank, M.D.: More of Magic
©1980 Magic Limited; Lloyd Jones, Oakland, CA
Hardcover, 97 pages
ISBN: 0915926482
More of Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller DonBursell

Comments:  Edited by Steve Dawson; Illustrated by Frank Blaisdell, M.D., Barbara Walker.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Early Magic History
2 Cups and Balls Routine
3 Wandering Silks
4 Gone
5 Sexy Dollars
6 The Wooden Egg
7 Cut and Restored String
8 Yo-Yo Penetration
9 Ring On To Rope
10 Solid Through Solid
11 Through Windows
12 Tactile Sense
13 Spirit Box
14 A Hunch
15 Snap-it
16 False Cut
17 Eight-King Set-up
18 Red Your Mind
19 Perplexing
20 Rope Interchanges - Three Methods