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Blackstone, Harry, Sr.: Blackstone's Modern Card Tricks
©1932 George Sully & Co., Chicago
Hardcover, w/dj, 204 pages
Blackstone's Modern
              Card Tricks
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Contents (taken from the combined edition with Secrets of Magic; may not be totally accurate)

1 Chapter I Preliminary Sleights
False Shuffles
Dovetail False Shuffles
Complete Pack Control
Overhand False Shuffle to Control Bottom Card
Overhand False Shuffle to Control Top Card
Top and Bottom Shuffle
Overhand Shuffle With Complete Pack
False Cuts
Simple False Cut With Three Heaps
Another False Cut With Four Heaps
Special False Cut With Five Heaps
Shuffle Cut
False Cut Shifts
The Revolving Pass
The Palm
The Glide
The False Count

29 Chapter II Card Locations
The Divided Pack
The New Pack
Easy Locations
The Master Card Location
The Slide Out
The Push Through
The Push Back
A Neat Location
The Fan Location
A Card Detection
The Pick-up Heaps
An Easy Force
The Joker Force
The Force Location
Behind the Back
The Glimpse

71 Chapter III Card Discoveries
The Knot Out
Card From Pocket
Any Number
A Reversed Card
One Reversed Card
Three Reversed Cards
Out of the Hat
Blackstone's Cut Trick
Card in Cigar Box
Card Elimination

94 Chapter IV Spelling Tricks
Simplicity Speller
Spread-Out Speller
Four Heap Speller
Easy Spelling Trick
The Mental Speller
The Progressive Speller
A Spelling Trick
Automatic Spelling

119 Chapter V Easy Card Tricks
Card Found In Hat
Two Number Trick
Bottom to Top
Thought Discovered
Twenty-five Cards
A Double Prediction
Vanished Card
The Mystic Discovery
The Same Number
The Twenty Card Trick
Improved Twenty Cards
Mathematical Discovery
Three Heaps
Many Heaps
Name in Envelope

155 Chapter VI Advanced Card Tricks
Card In the Pocket
Four Ace Change
Three Card Monte
The Traveling Ace
The Hoax With Aces
The Ace Hoax
Traveling Card Trick
Improved Pocket to Pocket
A Four Ace Trick

179 Chapter VII Special Card Tricks
The Ten Card Miracle
Improved Card Circle
A Mystic Prediction
Double Discovery
The Card Foretold
Passe Passe Cards
Cards and Envelopes