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Biow, Dick: The Sponge Ball King's Cups & Balls
©1994. Robinson Wizard, Inc., NY.
Paper, Stapled, 12 pages, glossy finish

Comments: Cups & Balls using sponges, a wand, and almost any cups available, even paper.Requires a table, but may be performed sitting or standing.


Introducton: Discussion of Al Cohn's sponge ball Cups & Balls by Jim Sisti

1 Equipment: 4 1" sponge balls, larger sponges for load, cups, wand, table
2 Sleights: The Pass, the False Load, the Secret Load, Production of Ball from Wand
4 Preparation: setup.
4 Performance: Performance is in 6 parts. Parts 1 and 2 may be omitted if your cups don't allow 3 balls to fit between two nested cups.

4 Part One: Cups are shown empty with the wand as they are placed one at a time mouth down on the table. A ball is magically produced from the wand and placed under cup #1. Cup #2 is shown empty, and ball passes from under cup #1 to cup #2. Next, ball passes from cup #2 to cup #3. Ball is placed on top of inverted cup #1. A second ball is produced from the wand. One ball is placed under cup #1. A third ball is produced, and a ball is placed on top of cup #2 and cup #3. Ball on cup #2 is placed under the cup. Ball on cup #3 is placed under the cup. All three balls end up under cup #3.

6 Part Two: The cups are now stacked. A ball vanishes from the hand, and is found to have penetrated two cups of the stack. This is repeated with a second ball. On the third try, the spectator's think they have caught on, but have not, and the third ball penetrates.

7 Part Three: A ball is placed under each cup. Ball transfers from cup #1 to cup #2, then from cup #3 to cup #2.

8. Part Four: One ball is pocketed. One ball is placed under cup #1, and the other under cup #2. Ball passes from cup #2 to cup #3...but there is a failure; the ball has not. It is tried again, and this time it works. The ball under cup #3 is then passed through the cup as a test. One ball is missing, so performer looks under cup 1, then 2, and finds it under cup #3.

9. Part Five: The third ball is taken back out of the pocket. One ball is placed under each cup. Ball under cup #1 is removed and placed in the pocket, then ball under cup #2. Ball transfers from pocket to cup #1. Ball is again placed in pocket. Ball transfers to cup #3. Ball then penetrates cup #2. Another ball is removed from the pocket and is smacked through cup #2. Last ball is removed from right pocket and placed in left pocket. Last ball transfers from left pocket to under cup #2, where there are now 3 balls. Balls are placed on top of each cup.

10. Part Six: As an anti-climax, each cup is now shown to have a large ball underneath. 

11 Selected Bibliography: list of 28 books with cups & balls/sponge ball routines compiled by Richard Robinson and Jim Sisti.