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Bernstein, Bruce: Psi-Kicks
©1997 Bruce Bernstein
Softcover, comb-bound, 8.5x11", 55 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Mastermind_NYC
Bruce Bernstein: Psi-Kicks



1 Pictures That Tell a Story
4 Trans-Premonition
8 Impossible Bank Night
10 Let's Try One More Time
12 Mentalist's Insurance Policy
15 Getting Ahead of Myself
18 Thoughts On the Nail Writer
22 A Prediction in Code
26 Psychological Card Force
29 Breaking the Bank
32 Love Connection
34 Hummer Psychometry
36 Marked for a Reading
38 Thoughts on "Nelson's Best Kept Secret"
41 Prediction Plus
45 Logical Headline Prediction
47 Win Some Free Information
48 Third Person Psychometry
50 Ultimate Psychometry
54 Emergency Mentalism