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Berland, Samuel & Rediscovering WizTax
©2007, IL
e-Book, 17 pages
Rediscovering Wiztax
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Comments: Based on Berland's Twenty Trix with Wiztax, this Trickshop production provides up-to-date information on this useful utility, as well as a new variety of effects.
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3 The Tale of the Tape: about Wiztax
4 New Wiztax: today's version
5 General Care and Handling
5 Tactile Strength
5 Using a Glue Dot
5 Transferring a Glue Dot
6 Clean Up

6 Performance Ideas/Applications
6 The Vanishing Card
7 Card Case Holdout
7 Card Stab
8 Card to Wallet
9 Card on Ceiling
9 Rising Card
10 Card Between Coasters
10 Impromptu Playing Card Gaff
10 Miser's Dream
11 Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper
11 Cigarette From Nowhere
11 Cigarette Catching
12 Sucker Suspended Pen or Pencil
13 Vanishing Coin
13 Showing Both Hands Empty
14 Inflation
14 Shuttlepass
15 Classic Palm Alternative
15 Thimble Manipulation
15 Dime Through Matchbook
16 Billet Switch
16 Center Tear
16 Extra Silk Load
16 Production Silk Fastener
17 Silk from Smoke

17 Final Thoughts