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Berland, Samuel: Berland's Thimble Routine
©D. Robbins & Co.
Manuscript Six 5.5"x8.5" pages with line drawings and props

Berland's Thimbles

Comments: This Thimble routine comes with 9 wooden thimbles, 1 Jumbo Thimble, a holder, and a small glass with gimmick. The routine also requires a silk that is not included. The thimbles are red and smooth. They are not "nesting" thimbles, but they do stack. The routine provided by Samuel Berland is good.

Contents: (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Effect: A thimble is produced from the air. The thimble is removed from the fingertip and placed in the pocket. Another thimble is produced at the fingertip. This is repeated until a jumbo thimble suddenly appears. The Jumbo thimble is removed and a regular thimble is produced. A handkerchief is removed from the pocket and held spread out. The handkerchief is placed over the thimble, which penetrates through. The handkerchief is removed, and the magician takes a drink from the glass that appears underneath.

2 Part 2: The thimble is back on the right hand, is placed in the left fist where it vanishes, and is reproduced on the right fingertip. The thimble again vanishes and reappears. The thimble jumps from one hand to the other. It is placed in the pocket, and again jumps back to the hand. Magician announces he will squeeze the thimble into nothing, but it is still there. It is then placed into the mouth and is removed from the stomach. The thimble jumps from one hand to the other. The magician asks if the audience thinks two thimbles are used and says, "no, eight", as 8 thimbles appear on the fingertips.

3 Requirements: describes props

4 Preparation: setup

5 To Perform: Instructions.