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Berland, Samuel: Berland's New and Original Tricks
©1933 Samuel Berland, Chicago
Softcover, stapled manuscript, 42 pages
Berland's New and
              Original Tricks
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Comments: "The pleasant reception accorded my effects that have been marketed, has been the factor in publishing this modest booklet. The tricks contained herein have been tested for practicability, novelty, and audience appeal."


1 Dollar Bill, Cigarette and Fountain Pen
6 Most Clever Billiard Ball Penetration
8 The Magical Melange
12 The Stabbed Card
14 New Ghost Cigarette
16 Spider and the Serpent
22 Jig Saw Card Trick
25 Visible Cigarette Vanish
26 Shades of Svengali
30 Smokers Maze
33 Linking Razor Blades
34 Dollar Bill and Paper Matches
38 Improved Diagonal Palm Shift
39 Torn and Restored Cigarette Paper With New Climax
41 New Borrowed Cigarette In Pocket Book