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Berland, Samuel: Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
©1941 Samuel Berland
Paper, 9x6", 16 pages
Twenty Tricks with Wiztax
Image courtesy R&A Petrilla Booksellers


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Coin Change
2 Coin Catching
3 Coin & Match Packet
4 Perfect coin Switch & Remarkable Vanish
5 Hooked Coin Without The Hook
6 Watch To Half Dollar
7 Card Between Plates
8 Card Thru Case & handkerchief
9 The Missing Card From Deck
10 Find The Queen
11 A Card Vanishes
12 Tricks With Thimbles
13 Thimbles Caught In A Glass
14 Method Of Keeping A Silk Rolled
15 Silk Production
16 Roll Up Silk Vanish
17 Extra Load For A Jap Box
18 Slow Motion Cigarette Vanish
19 Cigarette From Nowhere
20 Billet Switch
21 Watch To Card