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Berg, Joe: The Berg Book, Magic for Everyone
©1983 Ed Tamborello, Joe Stevens
Hardcover w/Dustjacket, 316 pages
The Berg Book
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Imagi-Inc

Comments: Written by Joe Berg, David Avadon, and Eric Lewis. Illustrated by Eric C. Lewis and Tom Jorgenson. A much sought after work on the life and magic created by or released by noted 20th century magic dealer and performer Joe Berg. Includes a chapter on the Okito/Bamberg material marketed by Mr. Berg and much varied magic. Pictures and Illustrations throughout.

Contents (Chapters Only):

1 Introduction
15 Tributes
21 Chapter One Looking Back with Joe
47 Chapter Two Shop Talk
55 Chapter Three Quick Thoughts
59 Chapter Four Routining Joe's Way
73 Chapter Five Comedy
79 Chapter Six Close-Up Magic
113 Chapter Seven Cigarette Magic
125 Chapter Eight Coin Magic
139 Chapter Nine Trick Decks
165 Chapter Ten Card Tricks Using Apparatus
191 Chapter Eleven Card Tricks & Sleights
231 Chapter Twelve Mental Effects
245 Chapter Thirteen Silk/Rope Tricks
265 Chapter Fourteen Liquid Tricks
271 Chapter Fifteen Berg and Bamberg
283 Chapter Sixteen Stage Magic
299 Chapter Seventeen Pictures and Letters
315 Bibliography