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Berger, Ben: Highlight Magic
©1941 John Snyder
Hardcover, 32 pages
Highlight Magic
Image courtesy eBay seller JayandLefty
Ben Berger: Highlight Magic

Comments: illustrated by Nelson Hahne

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Foreword
2 From the Publisher (John Snyder, Jr.)
3 The Spirit Of The Cobra: Card selections rise from a box like a cobra snake
4 The Atomic Penny: bent coin
5 Think Stop: simplified version of Professor Hofzinser's "Here, There, and Everywhere" card effect.
6 Reversed Misdirection: magician's gag
7 Centerise: card rise with borrowed deck
8 FlipFan: card flourish
9 Finger Stand: card production
10 Poker Player's Dream: poker routine
11 No-Prep: no-skill card effect
12 Chango! Closing thoughts