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Bennett, Horace: Bennett's Best
©1975 Jerry Mentzer
Paper, comb-bound, 115 Pages
Bennett's Best
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Comments: Line drawings throughout. Another great little book by Horace Bennett with coins, cards, and more.


1 Introduction: Jerry Mentzer

3 Chapter One: The Pearl
5 The Pearl: a full routine using small pearls and other props. The pearls multiply, change color, grow in size and more. Can be performed seated or standing.

21 Chapter Two: Coins
23 Okito Box Routine: Multi-phase routine: half dollar penetrates box & hand; English penny penetrates box and deck of cards; penny vanishes from hand and appears in the box; marked coin vanishes an appears in the box.
31 Easy Coins Thru The Table - Plus: Four coins penetrate a table top one at a time, then all four at once. Designed for the beginner to be easy yet baffling to the layman.
38 Slow Motion Coin Production and Vanish: A coin is produced by stroking a handkerchief, and vanishes in a similar way
43 Sense of Touch Perfected: coins are placed in a "bag" made from a folded handkerchief. Magician can reach in and name denomination of each coin by feel only, and for the last coin, can even tell its date and other words printed on the coin. A improved version originally appearing in the December 1968 GEN magazine.

40 Chapter Three: A Penny For Your Thoughts
51 A Penny For Your Thoughts: a coin trick with a portable "hole" and some regular and jumbo coins. To be performed seated.

69 Chapter Four: Suit Yourself Improved
71 Suit Yourself Improved: four playing cards assemble under a cardboard cover by passing up through the table top

81 Chapter Five: Card Magic A La Bennett
83 Am I Blue: Magician cuts to the 4 Aces with the last Ace turning face up. An Ace is returned to the deck and turns face up when cut to. All four are returned to the deck face up, and the magician states he will make them turn face down, but when spread, all are still face up. Magician states the Aces are embarrassed, and shows they all now have red backs.
85 Selected Card to Pocket: Spectator chooses two cards from the deck and places them in his pocket. He removes one and returns it to the deck, where it ends up in the magician's pocket. The second card is now shown to all, and buried in the deck. The spectator thinks of either card and the thought of card appears in the magician's pocket. Magician also shows that just in case, the 2nd card was in his pocket as well.
91 Seven in the Side Pocket: a cards to pocket for standup and a jacket must be worn.

99 Chapter Six: Money In the Bank
101 Money In the Bank: a story of trying to save money as a kid. Four half dollars assemble under a photograph, and then a giant penny is found under a savings passbook.
109 Deluxe Ending for Money In the Bank Routine: bankbook is picked up, opened, and held in the left hand. The four half dollars are placed in the hand and covered with the bankbook. When the book is removed, the magician pours a handful of coins to the table.
114 Bennett's Front Pinch Coin Sleight: improved sleight for use on the first coin