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Behnke, Leo: Simple, Baffling Card Tricks
©1992 Magic City, CA
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 5.5x8.5", 63 pages
Simple Baffling Card Tricks
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Leo Behnke: Simple Baffling Card Tricks

Comments: "Stunners That They Can't Explain"


3 Preface

7 Chapter 1 Cutting a Circle
8 Four Cards Down
11 No Clue (Gerald Kosky)
13 Teleki-What? (Fred M. Shields, Barscom Jones, Jr.)
16 Pocket Challenge (Leo Behnke)
19 Impenetrable Stop Trick (Charles T. Jordan)
21 In the Depths
23 Riffle Impossibility
25 Waikiki Three Heap Location

27 Chapter 2 Special Keys
28 Handkerchief Cut
28 Three Card Divination (Fred M. Sheilds)
31 Spelling the Location
33 Dot's It! (Karrell Fox)
34 Giggle Routine (Leo Behnke)
36 Laholsky Location (Ed Keener)
38 X-Ray Eyes (Jean Hugard)
39 How to Find a Card (Leo Behnke)
42 Challenge Blindfold Routine (Oscar Weigle, Jr.)

48 Chapter 3 Psychology
48 Post Card (George Killingsworth)
52 Count Down
53 The Four Missing...

55 Chapter 5 Miscellenea
55 The Oregon Shuffle
57 Spectator's Location
59 Estimation
61 Dual Sympathy