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Beam, Steve: Magic With No Entertainment Value II
Lecture Notes by Steve Beam
©1993 Steve Beam, Trapdoor Productions
Paper, approx 22 pages
Magic With No Entertainment Value II
Image courtesy e-Bay seller ThunderSoldDad


Contents (numbers are not page numbers)

1 Reserved Seating
2 Biographical Rope
3 No-Tie Knot
4 Card Compression
5 Cashpack
6 Siamese Stab
7 Pen Vanish
8 Pen Reverse
9 The Jerk With a Pen
10 My Cap Runneth Over
11 Suspender Switch
12 Impaired
13 World's Greatest Magician
14 Color Vision
15 Purse Snatcher
16 Community Property
17 Trade-In Time
18 The Weasel
19 Riding the Wave
20 Color Wave