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Barry, Dick: Magic With Class
©1998 Dick Barry, San Clemente, CA
Softcover, comb-bound, 132 pages
Magic With Class 1st Ed
First Edition Image courtesy eBay
seller DavidRowyn
Magic with
2nd Ed Image courtesy e-Bay
seller Just_Your_Home

Comments: Compiled & Edited by Dick Barry & Jim Kahlert. Book has a pouch that contains materials used in some of the effects.

Contents: (new effects only in 2nd edition are marked with *)

5 Foreword (Michael Ammar)
7 Introduction (Dick Barry)
9 Champagne Goldfish Miracle
22 A Tacky Deck*
26 Clairvoyant Cassette*
46 Clairvoyant Cassette II*
56 Three Straw Trick
61 Magic Straw Wand
73 Magic Straw Wand Animation
77 Evidence
82 Million Dollar Bill Trick
93 The "Staple" Card Force
96 A Penny For Your Thoughts
108 Magician's Express
118 The Vanishing Cane
130 7 Steps to Better Magic*