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Barkann, Roger: Patent Pending
©1944 Louis Tannen, NY
Edited by Bob Novak
Paper, 16 pages, 6x9"
Patent Pending
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Comments (From product description): A hilarious act wherein a magician rides the "Washington Merry-Go-Round." Here is a patter and presentation routine, with which the author has been bringing down the house. You patter along with magical solutions of all the problems confronting the U. S. Government, war, peace, employment, hunger, G.I.'s, housing, etc., etc. So flexible that you use the tricks that you already own, or add almost anything you like.

Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Foreword
2 Introduction

3 The Act
4 Paper Tearing Trick - Fresh Finish
5 Calypso Magazines
6 Anti-Gravico
7 Penetrating Glass
8 Vanishing Cigarette
9 The Pekin Wands
10 Chinese Rice Bowls
11 Sliding Glue

12 Suggestions and Adaptations

13 L'Envoi