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Bannon, John: Dear Mr. Fantasy
©2004 John Bannon
Hardback; Pages: 197
Bannon Dear Mr. Fantasy
Image courtesy e-Bay seller PassItOn478

Comments: [Andrew Loh] This is an excellent book in card magic. A must read for every card magicians and this is one of the kind of book you will enjoy reading and performing the materials contained within this book. I highly recommended!


xi Foreword

17 ONE - "Bullet Train"
17 Iconoclastic Aces
27 Syncopated Aces
32 Interrobang Aces

46 TWO - Secrets and Mysteries of the Four Aces
46 Line of Sight (Control)
55 Final Verdict
62 Cull De Stack
66 "Two Classics"
71 Beyond Fabulous
84 "Mark of the Fabulous"

88 THREE - Dead Reckoning
88 Dead Reckoning
100 Out Of Touch
120 Dawn Patrol

128 FOUR - Degrees of Freedom
128 Degrees Of Freedom
144 Origami Poker
155 Perfect Strangers
159 "The Works"

168 FIVE - Impossibilia Bag
168 Wait Until Dark
175 Last Man Standing
182 Trait Secrets
186 "Dave's Game"

189 Lagniappe
189 The Power Of Poker