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Bandy, Father: Go Ahead, I'll Wait; More Magic of Johnny Brown
©1975 Father Bandy, Pub. John Standridge, Mesquite
Softcover in hard plastic case, 100 pages
Go Ahead I'll Wait
Image courtesy e-Bay seller LeoCuellar



v Foreword

3 Part I Close-Up Magic
3 Johnny Brown's Easy Coin Assembly
9 Bare-Handed Cigarette Vanish
15 Johnny Brown's "Miracle" Inside-Out Card
23 Marked Card to Mouth
24 Comedy Marked Cards
27 Johnny Brown's Challenge Cigarette Paper Tear
31 Miracle Bill Tube

36 Part II Stand-Up Magic
36 Dove Productions
37 - Walk-On Dove Production
45 - Johnny Brown's Dove Bag
49 - Johnny Brown's "Impossible" Dove From Silk
55 - Dove From Kleenex
59 No Toss, Toss-Up Dove to Silk
61 Johnny Brown's Silk to Cane
63 A Novel Cane Vanish
65 Johnny Brown's Rope Routine
75 Johnny Brown's Coin Tube
77 Johnny Brown's Repeat "Gene Anderson's Paper Tear"
87 Johnny Brown's Impossible Card to Glass
88 Comedy Bits
89 - Comedy Silk Vanish
91 - Comedy Cigarette Vanish
93 - Abbott's Comedy Sunflower - A La Mode
95 - Johnny Brown's Comedy Six-Card Repeat
99 Out of My Hat