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Baker, Roy: Baker's Capers
©1983 Supreme Magic Co.
Paper, 31 pages.
Baker's Capers
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Comments: Roy Baker was born in 1921

Contents (note: numbers are not page numbers)

1 Foreword
2 About Roy Baker
3 Stuck-Kup: dinner table gag
4 Catch The Cup: antoher gag
5 Cigarette Through Handkerchief Baker Style
6 Roy Baker's Method of Knife Thro' Coat
7 Two Stunts With A Pen: gags
8 It's Getting Larger: gowing coin
9 The What's It's Name Dice Trick
10 Squizzors: cut and restored ribbon
11 There And Back Coin: coin transfers from one hand to the other
12 Ring That Bell: mentalism with bells
13 Knock Our Reading: mind reading
14 The Gutted Gasper
15 All Change
16 The Growing Egg
17 The Big Clock