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Baker, Al: Mental Magic
©1949 Carl W. Jones
Hardcover, 116 pages
Mental Magic
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Cosanostra Magic

Comments: Thirty effects: Mind Reading Technique, Baker Center Tear, Secret Billet Reading, Telephone Mysteries, Clairvoyance, Practical Telepathy, Pseudo-Fortunes. Illustrated by Miako & Kwakenat.


ix Foreword

1 Chapter One: First Lesson in Mindreading Technique
1 The Baker Switch
6 Bill-Epathy

10 Chapter Two: New Light on the Center Tear
12 The Baker Method of Reading the Center Tear
18 Co-Incidentally

21 Chapter Three: Telephone Mysteries
21 A Telemirakel
26 Over the Phone
30 Telephony

32 Chapter Four: Mental Magic Effects
32 No-Nomonics
34 Baker's Eight Card Trick
37 Thought Transmission
40 Al Baker's Envelope Switch
46 Envelope as an Accessory
50 Chicken Feed
53 Parlor Telepathy
57 Impossible
59 Pellet Reading
65 Out of the Air
72 Baker Switch Number 2
76 Secret Reading of Billets
80 Pseudo-Fortune Telling Seance
85 The Dean Man's Name
88 Mental card Tricks
90 The Pulse of the People
93 The Stethoscope
97 Telepathy for Two
100 Unconscious Clairvoyance
104 The Magic Bell

107 Appendix:
107 Adrian Plate's System of Mnemonics
113 Fortune Telling Significance of Playing Cards
116 Recapitulation of Al Baker's Rules