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Austin, Larry A.: Cards, Coins and Balloons
©1971 Larry A. Austin, TN
Softcover, stapled, 8.5x11", 25 pages
Cards, Coins and Balloons
Image courtesy eBay seller rrath
Larry Austin: Cards, Coins and Balloons

Comments: Austinini - the Bearded Weirdo


3 Introduction

3 Card Magic
3 A False Shuffle
4 The Antique X-Ray Tube
6 The 10 Spot
7 The Red Hot Mama
8 The Free Cut Aces
10 Favorite Four Aces
11 Always Nineteen
13 The Detectives
14 Faro Facts
14 A Card Transposition

16 Coin Magic
16 Coin Concatenation
19 The Obvious Hand
20 The Penny and Silver Dollar

23 Balloon Magic
23 Candied Apple
23 Hummingbird or Bee
24 A Rabbit Up the Sleeve

25 Acknowledgements