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Ascanio, Arturo: The Psychology of Palming
©1982 Arturo de Ascanio
Softcover, saddle-stitched, 6x9", 24 pages
The Psychology of
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Arturo de Ascanio: The Psychology of Palming

Comments: Illustrations by Luis Trueba, translation by Roberto Giobbi. From the first chapter: "The palm is one of the 'classic principles' of the cards technique. Only by using the palm can certain effects be achieved; among them there are some of the most beautiful, visual and magical of the whole Card Magic (productions, assemblies, transposition of cards)."


2 The Psychology of Palming
2 Importance of the Palm, its Difficulties
3 Cover of the Palm
3 - The Pre-palm
3 - The Actual Palm
4 - Withdrawal of the Free Hand
4 -- The Tube effect
5 -- Law of the Priority of Movement
5 - Keeping the Card in the Palm
5 -- Naturalness
5 --- Static naturalness
6 --- Dynamic naturalness
6 -- Misdirection
6 --- Mental Misdirection
7 --- Physical Misdirection
7 -- Misleading Handling, Innocent Use
7 --- Misleading Handling
7 --- Innocent Use
7 -- Rhythm
7 - Replacement or Return of the Palmed Card
7 Conclusion

8 Baroque Transposition

10 Father Ace and Sons (Variant 67)

16 Cover for the Palm in 'Cards Up the Sleeve' by Jacob Daley
16 Palm of the First Five Cards in the Left Hand
17 Palm of the Five and Seven in the Right Hand
17 Palm of the Eight and Nine in the Left Hand
19 Palm of the Ten

21 Timing and the In-Transit Actions
22 The In-Transit Actions
22 Elements of the In-Transit Actions
24 Importance of the In-Transit Actions