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Aronson, Simom & David Solomon: Sessions
©1982 Savaco, Ltd.
Hardcover, 138 pages
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Bruinfan67



i Foreword
1 Jazz A-2-3-4 (David Solomon)
5 Double Stop (Simon Aronson - David Solomon)
9 From All Indications (Simon Aronson)
13 A Simple Indication (David Solomon)
16 Specator Loses the Aces (David Solomon)
19 Tunnel Vision (David Solomon)
31 English Channel (Donald England)
39 Marlo's Double Christ Location (Edward Marlo)
42 One Shuffle Ten Hand Poker Stack (David Solomon)
47 Quadruple Spellbound (Simon Aronson)
52 S-O-See Thru (Simon Aronson)
70 Dis-Assembling Aces (David Solomon)
76 Two Faced Dis-Assembly (David Solomon)
80 Countdown Triple Prediction (Simon Aronson)
82 Pre-Set Reset (David Solomon)
87 Marlo Vs. The Observation Test (Edward Marlo)
92 Aronson Vs. The Observation Test (Simon Aronson)
96 Twice Removed Transpostion (Simon Aronson)
103 Mr. Clean (David Solomon)
108 Interlaced Vanish and Collection (Edward Marlo - David Solomon)
112 Meditations on the Christ Aces (Simon Aronson)
120 Pineapple Poker Surprise (David Solomon)
125 Refined Oil and Water (David Solomon)
132 A Personal Note From Dave
136 A Personal Note From Simon