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Archer, Danny: Still Working Alone
©1995 (circa) Danny Archer Magic
Paper, 8.5x11", 13 pages
Still Working Alone
Image courtesy GrandIllusions


Contents (numbers are not page numbers):

1 Strange Exchange: Four Jacks transpose with four twos in your pockets
2 Par For The Course: Magician predicts the golf score in an imaginary round of golf
3 Barrel Of Fun: A marked quarter vanishes and is discovered inside nesting barrels
4 Bicycle Built For Two: how to gimmick a card case for a switching device
5 China Pitcher: copper/silver coins change into Chinese coins
6 Triple Threat: entertaining version of Mental Epic
7 The Dating Game: comedy stand-up version of Seven Keys of Baldpate (un-gimmicked lock)
8 Lost And Smelled: card located by sense of smell
9 Instant Stooge: impromptu mentalism