Anonymous: 125 Tricks With Cards or Sleight of Hand
©1910 circa, no publisher
Softcover, stapled, 62 pages
125 Tricks With
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1 Introductory
3 The Pass
3 The Force
4 The Divining Card
4 Deceptive Shuffles
5 To Smuggle a Card
5 To Slip a Card
5 To Carry Away a Card
5 To Place a Card
5 The Change
5 Three Cards Being Presented to Three Persons, to Guess Which Each Has Chosen
6 The Ordinary Palm
6 To Produce a Particular Card Without Seeing the Pack
6 To Call For Any Card In the Pack
6 The Changeable Ace
7 The Convertible Ace
7 The Metamorphosed Card
7 The Gathering of the Clans
7 To Tell the Number of Cards by the Weight
7 The Continuous Front and Back Handpalm and Tricks on Connection Therewith
8 To Make a Card Pass From One Hand Into the Other
9 The Card Hit Upon by Guess
9 Ups and Downs
9 The Disappearance of Five Cards at One Time
9 - First Method
9 - Second Method
9 To Tell the Card that a Person Has Touched With His Finger
10 To Discover Any Card in the Pack by its Weight or Smell
10 The Four Accomplices
10 The Turn-Over Feat
10 The Production of Cards One At a Time At the Fingertips From the Back-Hand Palm
11 The Nerve Feat
11 The Card in a Mirror
11 The Magic Tea-Caddies
12 Guessing a Card Thought Of
12 To Tell a Card by Smelling It
12 The Production of Cards at the Fingertips from the Ordinary Palm
13 The Card in the Opera Glass
13 Jacks and the Constable
13 To Guess the Spots on Cards at the Bottom of Three Packets, Which Have Been Made by the Drawer
14 The Magic Opera Glass
14 To Separate The Two Colors of a Pack of Cards by One Cut
14 Passing A Card Through the Knees, Etc.
15 The Card Discovered Under the Handkerchief
16 The Card Under the Hat
16 At the Game of Bridge What Probability That the Four Honors Will Be in the Hands of Any Two Partners
16 To Tell How Many Cards a Person Takes Out of a Pack and to Specify Each Card
16 To Guess the Number of Spots on Any Card Which a Person Has Drawn from a Deck
17 To Change a Pack of Cards into Various Pictures
17 Expert Card Manipulation
18 First Method
18 Second Method
18 To Let Twenty Persons Draw Twenty Cards and Make Each Draw the Same
19 To make a Card Jump Out of The Pack and Run on the Table
19 To Tell All the Cards Without Seeing Them
19 To Instantly Name Any Card Chosen
20 To Tell the names of Any Number of Cards Chosen
20 To Tell the Exact Position in the Pack of Any Card Named by the Audience
20 - Table No. 1
21 - Table No. 2
21 To Tell A Card Thought of and Name Its Position in the Deck
21 On the Spot
22 Twin Card Trick
22 Ten Cards Being Arranged In A Circle to Tell That Which Anyone Thought Of
22 To Produce a Card from a Nut or Cherry Stone
23 To Knock a Card Through the Table
23 To Burn a Card and Afterward Find it in a Watch
23 The Card in the Egg
23 The Card in the Pocket Book
24 To Pick Out a Card Thought of Blindfolded
24 The Card Found Out by the Point of a Sword
24 To Name the Card Upon Which One or More Persons Fix
24 A Mechanical Card for the Back-Hand Palm
25 The Vanishing Card
25 To Produce a Mouse from a Pack of Cards
26 Card Secrets Exposed:
26 - Frank Advice and Information
26 - Stocking (three methods)
27 - Blind Shuffling
28 - Blind Cuts
28 - Bottom Dealing
29 To Send a Card Thru a Table
29 To Change Four Jacks or Kings Held in Your Hand into Blank Cards or Into Four Aces
29 The Locomotive Card
29 Natural Sixes
29 How to Mark a New Deck of Cards
29 The Two Card Trick
30 To Tell The Names of All the Cards by Their Weights
30 Mysterious Disappearing of the Jack of Spades
31 A Card Caught on the Corner of a Borrowed Handkerchief
31 To Make the Court Ways Come Together
32 To Turn a Card Into a Bird
32 Of Twenty-Five Cards Laid in Five Rows Upon a Table, to Name the One Touched
32 To Name Several Cards Which Have Been Divided Into Two Heaps
32 To Find a Certain Card After it Has Been Shuffled in the Pack
32 The Card of One Color Found in a Pack of the Other
32 The Thurston Method of Throwing Cards
32 The Four Inseparable Kings
33 To Name Several Cards Which Two Persons Have Drawn From a Pack
33 A Pack of Cards Changed to Two Large Balls
33 Of Two Rows of Cards, to Tell the One Which Has Been Touched
33 To Hold Four Kings or Four Jacks in Your Hand, and to Change Them Suddenly Into Blank Cards and Then Into Four Aces
33 To Shuffle the Cards in Such a Manner as Always to Keep One Certain Card at the Bottom
34 The Electric Cards
34 The Magic Slide, or to Make a Card Disappear in an Instant
35 The Transmuted Cards
35 The Shifting Card
35 The Four Transformed Kings
35 The Card in the Ring
35 To Guess the Cards Which Four Persons Have Fixed Their Thoughts Upon
36 The Chosen Card Revealed By a Pinch of Snuff
36 How to Arrange the 12 Picture Cards and the Four Aces of a Pack in Four Rows so That There Will be in Neither Row Two Cards of the Same Value nor Two of the Same Suite, Whether Counted Horizontally or Perpendicularly
36 The Rising Cards
37 The Art of Fortune Telling By Cards
38 The Magic Twelve
38 The Drawn Card Nailed to the Wall
38 On entering a Room, to Know of Three Cards Placed Side by Side Which Have Been Reversed - That is to Say, Turned Upside Down
38 To Bring a Card Which Has Been Thrown Out of the Window into the Pack Again
39 A New Method to Tell a Card By Its Own Weight
39 The Window Trick
39 The Numerical Card
39 To Name the Rank of a Card That a Person Has Drawn From a Piquet Pack
39 The Three Magical Parties
39 Several Different Cards Being Fixed on by Different Persons, to name That on Which Each Person Fixed
40 To Discover the Card Which is Drawn, by the Throw of a Dice
40 The Card Changing in the Hands
40 To Make Several Persons Draw Cards Which They Will Themselves Replace in the Pack, and to Find Them Again
40 The Buried Heart
41 The Erratic Card
41 To Find in the Pack, and Through a Handkerchief Whatever Card a Person Has Drawn
41 To Conjure a Certain Card Into Your Pocket
41 The Magical Trio
41 To Make a Card Spring Up Into the Air From the Pack With Out Being Touched
41 To Produce a Required Card From Your Pocket
42 To Tell Through a Wine-Glass What Cards Have Been Turned
42 To Change Five Kings Into Five Queens
42 The Magic Sevens
42 The Numerical Trick of Cards
42 When Five is Four
42 The Novel Game of Tontine
43 Cards Change Spots
43 To Guess in Which Hand, Holding Counters, Can be Found the Odd or Even Number
43 To Produce Numberless Changes With a Given Number of Cards
43 Mind over Mind, or the Marvelous Will Power
44 To Cause a Card Selected by a Spectator to be Named by the Audience
44 The Court Cards
45 Clever Card Trick
45 The Four Burglars
46 Thought Reading
46 The Ten Duplicate Cards - Reveal a Person's Thoughts
47 To Change a Card Locked Up in a Box
47 A New Mind-Reading Feat With Cards
47 An Incomprehensible Divination
48 Card and Match Trick
49 New Card and Egg Mystery
49 Disappearance of a Card Thought of by a Spectator
49 The Hanging Cards
50 A Torn Card With a New Finish
53 A New Sword Trick
55 Marked Cards: Nifty Deck, Adam's League Deck, Star Deck, DeLand's Deck, Daisy Deck
57 Ring With Mirror
58 Words of Advice
60 An Exposure of the Card Tricks Made Use of by Professional Card Players, Blacklegs and Gamblers
60 Bridge
60 Reflectors
60 The Longs and Shorts
60 Sauter La Coupe
61 Convex and Concave Cards
61 Handling the Cards
61 Garreting in Cribbage
61 Slipping the Cards
61 Walking the Pegs
61 Pricked Cards
61 The Bridge
62 Skinning
62 Shuffling or Weaving
62 The Gradus or Step
62 Slipping the Fives
62 Saddling the Cards
62 Dealing Fives From the Bottom
62 The Telegraph
62 The Production of Cards at the Finger-Tips From the Ordinary Palm
62 Cheating at Poker