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Anonymous: Magic Card Tricks Anyone Can Do
Also - The Expert at Cards
1920 (circa) Stein Publishing House, Chicago
Softcover, perfect-bound, 128 pages
Magic Card Tricks
              Anyone Can Do
Image courtesy e-Bay seller Earle47
              Expert at Cards
Image courtesy eBay seller College.Bound.Antiques

Comments: The contents of Magic Card Tricks Any One Can Do seems to match those of The Expert At Cards, at least the small sample of contents that I saw.


9 Chapter I
9 Introductory

13 Chapter II Sleight Of Hand In Card Tricks
13 The Cards
14 To Make the Pass
27 To Force a Card
29 To Make a False Shuffle
35 To Palm a Card
36 To Ruffle the Cards
37 To Change a Card
45 To Get Sight of a Drawn Card
47 To Slip a Card
48 To Draw Back a Card
49 To Turn Over the Pack
50 To Spring the Cards From One Hand to the Other
51 To Throw a Card
52 The Bridge
53 Advice to the Novice

55 Chapter III Tricks With Ordinary Cards Not Requiring Sleight-Of-Hand
55 Simple Modes of Discovering a Given Card
59 Various Modes of Disclosing a Discovered Card
63 To Make a Card Vanish From the Pack and Be Found In A Person's Pocket
64 To Place the Four Kings In Different Parts of the Pack and To Bring Them Together By a Simple Cut
65 To Distinguish the Suit of Any Given Card by Weight
66 To Catch Two Cards Thought Of In the Air With the Hand
66 To Tell the Cards Thought of by Four Persons
67 Sixteen Cards Being Placed on a Table, to Guess the Card Thought Of
69 To Tell Which Pair of Cards Was Selected
70 The Magic Triplets
70 Twenty Five Cards Being Placed on the Table, to Mention Which Has Been Thought of
72 A Card Having Been Drawn from and Returned to the Pack, to Find it Under a Handkerchief
72 To Tell Whether Any Card in the Pack is Red or Black Without Looking At It
73 The Triple Deal
73 The Card Found at the Second Guess
74 The Card Found Under the Hat
75 To Tell the Names of All the Cards in the Pack by Their Weight
76 To Sort the Pack Without Looking at the Cards
77 How to Deal Yourself All the Trumps in Whist
77 The Gathering of the Clans
77 To Tell a Card by its Weight
78 A Pack of Cards Being Cut, to Tell Whether There is an Odd or Even Number in Each Portion
78 The Nailed Card
79 To Make a Card Jump Out of the Pack and Run on the Table
79 The Trick of Thirty-One
80 A Card, from Twenty-Seven, Being Thought of by One Person, to Be Found at a Certain Number in the Pack Mentioned by Another Person
82 To Make the Four Knaves Change Places with Four Sevens, Each Four Being Guarded by Different Persons
83 The Royal Families
84 The Revolution

85 Chapter IV Card Tricks Requiring Calculation
85 Three Cards Being Chosen by Three Persons, to Tell Which Each Has Chosen
86 To Tell the Number of Spots at the Bottom of Three Packets Which Have Been Made by the Drawer
87 Four Cards Having Been Chosen, to Tell the Total Sum of Their Value
87 To Tell The Card Which Has Been Drawn from a Whist Pack
89 To Tell a Card Thought of, and to Name Its Position in the Pack
90 Four Packets of Cards Having Been Formed Face Downwards on the Table, to Discover the Total Value of the Undermost Cards
91 Of Ten Cards Laid Out, to Tell That Which Anyone Thought Of
92 To Name a Card Drawn from a Piquet Pack
92 To Tell the Card That May be Noted
93 To Tell the Sum of the Numbers of Any Two Cards Drawn from a Common Pack
94 To Tell the Value of Two Cards Drawn From a Common Pack Without Touching or Seeing the Cards
95 The Cards Being Dealt Out In Heaps, to Tell the Amount of the Bottom Cards Without Seeing Them

97 Chapter V Card Tricks Requiring Confederacy
97 To Tell a Card That a Person Has Touched in a Pack
98 To Distinguish the Court Cards from the Others by the Sense of Touch or Smell
98 To Distinguish the Red from the Black Cards by the Sense of Smell
99 Of Twenty-Five Cards Laid on the Table, to Name the One Touched or Reversed
99 Of Two Rows of Cards, to Name the One that Has Been Touched
100 To Make Chosen Card Be Found Under a Flower Pot
101 To Conjure a Certain Card in Your Pocket
102 To Produce a Card Called for Instantly

103 Chapter VI Tricks Requiring Prepared Cards or Sleight of Hand
103 The Long Card
104 The Biseaute Pack
106 A Card Having Been Chosen and Returned, and the Pack Shuffled, to Produce the Chosen Card Instantly in Various Ways
112 To Teach the Company a Trick Which They Learn Without Difficulty; Then to Allow Them to Succeed or Cause them to Fail at Your Pleasure
117 To Distinguish the Court Cards by Touch
118 To Name Any Number of Cards in Succession Without Seeing Them
120 To Make Four Cards Change From Eights to Twos, From Black to Red, etc.
123 A Card Having Been Drawn and Returned, and the Pack Shuffled, to Make It Appear at Such Number as the Company Chooses
125 Several Persons Having Each Drawn and Returned a Card, to Make Each Card Appear at Such Number in the Pack as the Drawer Chooses
126 The Three Card Trick